90% Revenue Share

That means you receive 90% of the money your YouTube channel earns. Fully transparent with no hidden cuts and no parent network.

An uncapped contract

No matter how much you make each month, you will always collect 90% of your earnings. There is no earnings ceiling or minimum payment threshold.

No lock-in

You are free to leave the network at any time. We are confident in what we offer and want you to stay with us because we’re great for you, not because you’re obligated to do so.

Dashboard and Tools

  • In-depth Analytics

    Track your earnings, views, and other video data. Get detailed breakdowns of your payments, CPM, and more.

  • Access to Audio Tracks

    Access to over 500,000 stock audio and sound effect tracks to use in the production of your videos.

  • Top Video Breakdown

    Keep an eye on your top videos each month to see what is working best and earning you the most revenue.

Refer A Friend

Unique Referral Link

Easily share and invite potential partners to Union for Gamers.

Referral Analytics

Keep tabs on referred members, their progress and what you’ve earned from their referral.

Bonus Earnings

No impact for referrals. The referral bonus comes out of our pocket; anyone you refer still earns 90% of their revenues.

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